One positive post can make the difference

Think about it.

One positive post can bring light into someone’s darkness. One compliment can make them smile for days. One uplifting thought can change a friend’s perspective. One uplifiting word can save a life.


Your voice, your choice

Each time you post you choose to reflect either your own insecurities, or you can choose instead to embrace light and share your positive energy with others.

Combat bullying and negativity on social media by simply posting the positive.



Betsy & Kenzie


Share your positive posts with our community @postingthepositive


@postingthepositive if you see or post positive posts that will help lift others


#heart and #postingthepositive, or create your own hashtag for your school using #postingthepositive + your school initials. For example, our own school hashtag is #postingthepositivesvjh